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'To the End of Love' Update!

You may have heard/noticed that I was planning to include a remastered version of the 2012 Everybody Knows (originally released on the Lunar Phases EP). So when I was mixing down the original files to give to the engineer, I started tinkering around with the bass and one thing led to another until I ended up remixing it totally. So this will be more than a remaster, it is a reimagining and I am over the moon with it's new creation. :kissing_heart: The track will be titled 'Everybody Knows (2018 version)' unless a better suggestion appears. I am thrilled for you all to hear it soon along with the other 10 tracks which are full of surprises imho. Also, I have not announced the release date yet out of respect for the mixing engineer, Erick Jolley, who is gracing the album with his skills in the studio during after-hours amidst his many professional projects. We are definitely doing our best to reach the desired release date, but this means you also still have time to get the early bird pricing. Here is Erick at the console, while we are listening carefully!
The official release date for this record has been announced! November 7th, 2018. Significant as both the Memorial day of Leonard Cohen and also the day immediately following midterm elections the the states. More info coming soon....